Why support Suss Education?

  1. Free education:

Your support will enable us to achieve our goals in offering free education for all the children of Africa and elsewhere, men and women, regardless of their location.

We will achieve this by offering free high-quality Web lessons / Courses over the internet, through Smart School system and Suss Education Smart Center.

Your support will enable us in offering free online Web lessons for the most vulnerable and others, men and women and the Premium Web lessons, in the society and eventually all over the world. Thus, grants towards financial independence and democracy. Kenya is our first location of many to come.

  1. Freedom of choice:

Your support will enable the most vulnerable children, men and women to choose what an education to strive for, regardless of their position in the society, and in doing so inspire others to let their dreams about education come true.

  1. Freedom to empower others:

Your support will enable us to help empower the individual, the society and the world with the power of education and knowledge. The individual can strive to become the persona they dream about becoming and by doing so empower others.

  1. Crumbs are also bread:

All this you will be doing by supporting Suss Education in achieving our goals. Everything small and big adds toward the achievement to help others.

How can you support Suss Education?

  1. Donate money:

The simplest way is to donate money to us through our website Suss.education. Every bit counts, big or small, it all helps.

  1. Advertise:

Advertise at www.suss.educaton. That way you get great value for your money and supports the great work we do to benefit others. See the price, where and other information regarding advertisements.

  1. Send us Web lessons / Courses:

You can send high-quality web lessons to us; we make them available on our website. We will evaluate every web lesson and approve or not. The quality and content must be good.

  1. Use of Web lessons / Courses:

If you use the web lessons at www.suss.education and you feel that you benefit from our work, please feel free to donate small or big amount, according to your way of life. You can donate with use of link directly from the Web lesson or otherwise.


Great many thanks to all of you heroes out there that support Suss Education in achieving our goals.