1. Suss Education.

Suss Education Europe ehf. (SEE), Hrafnhólar 8, 111 Reykjavik, Iceland and Suss Education Africa (SEA) are an international organisation. It operates by offering Web lessons via www.suss.education  which are various teaching materials online for the public and the vulnerable. Our products and services will be free for the most vulnerable and others.

We think Education is Power and be accessable to all for a low price and high quality. All Web lessons are edit via an editorial commtee and our mission is to have all Web lessons in layman´s term and short as possible.

Suss Education offers also Premium lessons for them who needs more manual education with an educator. They are at cost and we offer also Learning Loans for that cost for 36 months with a regular interest rate.

We are using Microsoft (MS) and Microsoft Azure as our ICT company and wiil continue to keep our data at Microsoft‘s servers in the future and to use Azure too. We will also need a help from others but we will collaberate with MS as a main supplier to host www.suss.education  and supply of software. Today Tölvur og Gögn ehf, (TOGG), Iceland is devloping our website and Search&Learn.

We need to develop Search&Learn further via Suss Education’s ICT department with collaboration with TOGG and MS and others.

By offering www.suss.education and Search&Learn our mission to educate the public and lift poverty in the world. Then SE wants to do its best to contribute knowledge, experience and education all over with help from others too. Big or small. All shall have its own voice and use his or her qualification for the best in the World. By offering the Web lessons then the opportunity opens to teach people regarding health issues. What can be used instead of units which creates more Climate Change, etc.

  1. Search&Learn

We will offer also the search engine Search&Learn which can go directly into any Web lesson in www.suss.education . There is no need to watch it all to get the specific data in the certain Web lesson. It will able to visit any data base other than ours in the near future.


  1. Projects X.

Included in Projects X is as follow:

  1. The School projects.
  2. The Farm projects
  3. The Chicken projects
  4. The Cow projects
  5. The Garage projects
  6. The Sport projects
  7. The Lake Victoria projects


SE has been working on these seven projects by creating calculations models which we include for your clearance. There is also letter which explains some of our starting ideas regarding the Projects X.

SE’s main idea is to start small and make a pilot test on each separated project. And use ICT, IoT, AI, Machine learning and Deep Learning right in the beginning of Projects X. We must start with newest computer science and we are working this from a scratch. It’s a golden opportunities to take the world of Africa as a smart continent.

SE will after the pilot tests replicate the projects to other regions in Africa and in the world where needed.

SE will offer its website: www.suss.education to educate the participants and users of the Projects X. The world is developing new improvements in science, culture and computer science, etc. We need to educate to succeed in our definite intentions for the world.


  1. Must to do.


SE watch the future world as follows:

  1. We need to develop a new device named Web lesson device (WLD) or Webber for short. It will be a movable office where you can watch the Web lessons from SE and other suppliers. It needs to have certain qualifications as
  2. To be readable in most languages.
  3. To be writable on most languages.
  4. Webber will also offer a portable printer a very small one. Where it is possible to print one page at time to begin with.
  5. It will be possible to reach: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G Wi-Fi just according to accessibility for the Webber.
  6. It will be a smartphone which includes like the best one from Apple.
  7. The Webber will also be connected to the satellite system for easier access in the rural areas.
  8. The Webber will be very cheap to buy.
  9. The Webber is a must for educating the public so the user can watch it on a larger screen than a usual smartphone.
  10. The screen size can be like double iPhone 8 or a sandwich which is possible to close into one unit.
  11. It will be sold to public in masses. Therefore the price can be very low.
  12. SE will sell it also as others.
  13. The ownership of the Webber will be SE.
  14. We will give the Webber away to the most vulnerable. That’s the part of the selling and marketing strategy. By doing that we will be more able to sell the Webber to other customers. Or at the last at very low price and offer Learning loan to buy it on the selling page of www.suss.education.
  15. The Webber will be base on the operating system as follows: Windows 10, Android and Os and iOS.
  16. By producing the Webber, we reduce the production of many items doing the same in several units. It saves CO2 and other chemicals and lessen the Climate Change in the world. And we educate the public via the Webber.
  17. Implemetions of Projects Alfa.
  18. Project X needs business and marketing plans as soon as possible.
  19. SE needs funds from outside and other funding resources.
  20. The Consumer Theory is very much needed to everything turns out well for Projects Alfa as a whole. The Projects Alfa are a comphrehensive solution but not completed yet. The Comsumer Theory is based on three pillars:
  21. Sustainable finance.
  22. The Frugality.
  23. The Opportunity cost.

By adding them together and we put some salt and on pepper on it. We get the Consumer Theory to work for the benefit of others.


On behalf of Suss Education Europe ehf. and Suss Education Africa Limited.


Hrafnkell (Kelli) Tryggvason



Phone: +354 557 1407

Mobile: +354 858 9452

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