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1.0 Excutive summary:


Suss Education has been working on becoming at this stage for 40 months and other preparation has been going on for some years before this period.

Presently, Suss Education is at that stage to implement what it has accomplished already.  This Smart Business Plan will give us an idea of our accomplishments. It’s regarding to add the Third Smart School System to the current Government and Private school systems, There, Suss Education believes very strongly lays our business opportunity in full force. There are of course other smart business opportunities where it can handle later or when will possible to construct.

Suss Education is an international company constructed by Suss Education Iceland ehf. and Suss Education Africa Limited offering Web lessons online for free to the most vulnerable and others in the society. They include teaching and educational and cultural subjects in layman’s term. The Web lessons will short. In the beginning it will start with Financial literacy and in July 2019, Home accounting in layman’s term regarding the Web lessons. They will be very easy to approach and gives anybody the chance to learn any subject at his choice now and in the future.


2.0 Opportunity:

2.1 Problem & Solution; Target Market; Competion

The wisest and most important opportunity lays in bringing the newest technology Suss Education can get hold of each time into the Smart School System. What’s that? It´s a system which use the online technology and computer sicence and technology to teach and educate and offer culture to the public for free. The Smart School system will offer the Web lessons in institutions named Smart Learning Centres. Where people can visit and get the Educators to help and assist with the subject of concern. The Government and the Private school sector can use their Web lessons for teaching their students online. Their curriculum can be adjusted to this circustances of the education approchs.

The opportunity of Suss Education is to produce Web lessons for the Smart School System and they will get them free of charge anytime for anyone. The Smart School System will be tested as a trial in five location/schools in Kenya to begin with and replicated all over Kenya/Africa when approved by participants of the project.

The Smart School system will save a lot in funding new schools for Kenya/Africa. There will much less building constructions to do. Instead we build the Learning Centres and students and users of Suss Education´s products and services can study where ever they are located each time. It saves also transportation cost for them to go fewer times to the Learning Centre because they are studying online. Simply they can study at home or elsewhere at their own choice. The society use the saving for other activities like infrastructure, social welfare, etc.

The expectations are to give more students and the public and the most vulnerable easier access and the possibility to study free and do it anywhere they are located. When they get the Web lessons free of charge it will not exclude anyone from studying in the Smart School System.

Suss Education will cover the cost of its Learning Centres as it will be free of charge. The company will collect funding from the public and organisations and the Government and the local governments to cover the cost. Suss Education will advertise in the beginning and the end of each Web lesson. This revenue will be large and make capable to offer the Web lessons free of charge to anybody. Please note there will also be other subjects from various suppliers on the Suss Education’s database which is meant for the public. For example, from individuals and companies who will publish their products for the user to learn about their products and services. This possibility gives Suss Education to receive revenue to cover the operating cost.

Suss Education will be able to offer Web lessons internationally and therefore get international companies to advertise for heavy amounts for each advertisement.

The problem today is that the present schooling systm is costly, and it needs large and many buildings to function. The teaching methods need to be adjusted and aligned to the present opportunities. There is a difficulty regarding the teacher. They need to be thought how to handle the Smart School System at the same time we are implementing it and change them into educators. The educators will be teaching and educating and introduce cultural subjects and produce their own Web lessons for the Smart School System for Suss Education and individually too.

Suss Education will offer Web lessons in the urban and rural areas by using the educators to visit the local Learning Centres which it will offer at each location in the rural areas. It aims to use the current distribution system for distribution of vaccines. There’s no need to invent the wheel again.

The target market is the total population with an extra help to the most vulnerable. They need and deserve only the best and nothing but the best. By taking into action the Smart School System. These actions will give them an opportunity to study at free will and without paying for the Web lessons. This means that they will be less burden (not anybody can learn) and the society must take care of them separately, please. The others can help themselves in any meaning of that word.

The by-product from the Smart School System is also more wellness, financial security, freedom and democracy. The public will be more educated and informed. It gives the society the chance to empower both women and men for higher achievements and fulfil their goals for a better world.

The competition comes from other websites than ours or as  offering Web lessons (courses) online in an education. They ask for fee and aim at the higher education. Suss Education is working as company for the public and is free. The competition comes also a from the present school system. But Suss Education is not to think of it as a competition rather as a collaboration between the Government and the Private versus the Smart School System.


3.0 Execution


3.1 Marketing and Sales

3.1.1 Marketing Plan


Suss Education is planning to advertise at Facebook for Kenya to begin with. It has a Facebook Page where the advertisements will be put. Suss Education will also count on the word of mouth to distribute its content. It will keep on its database a huge content of Web lessons and they will also advertise themselves as the users continue to use them.

In the Smart School System there will be a free choice to select any Web lesson and it will advertise itself as time goes by and the user makes it popular on the website. There will be Top10 list who will also advertise the Web lessons. Therefore, internally Suss Education will have its own opportunity to advertise itself.

It´s certain that Suss Education needs to operate a Marketing and Sales department. Its purpose is to market and sell its Web lessons and get advertisements for each Web lesson. There will advertised in front of each Web lesson and at its end too and in between. There is a need for salespersons to handle this affair. They will also sell and market Web lessons from individuals, organisations and officials where each one is promoting his own issues. The one can be having a complicated products and services which there is a need to explain the use of to the customer. Then it´s his change to produce Web lessons to explain them. There is a big market for this issue and Suss Education has made a trial to introduce the idea and the next step is to follow it.



3.2.1 Marketing Mixes

These as follows are our answers with Marketing mix – 4P´s and 7P´s. This our present marketing strategy and Suss Education will work accordingly to these Marketing Mixes.


  1. Promotion:
  2. Sales Promotion
  3. Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
  4. Advertising
  5. Video
  6. Text
  7. Gifs or moving images
  8. Images
  9. Word of mouth
  10. Introduction Campaign
  11. Interest campaign
  12. Fundraising Campaign
  13. Lead page Campaign
  14. Content Campaign
  15. Public Relations
  16. Interviews, news papers
  17. TV Stations
  18. POD cast
  19. Direct marketing
  20. Sales of Web lessons directly from third party.
  21. Product:
  22. Features:
  23. Education for all, for the lowest price.
  24. Sustainable Education.
  25. Sustainable finances.
  26. Quality:
    a. Highest quality possible.
    3. Branding:
  27. Suss Education is the Branding name. Colours in the          brand mean:
    i. Blue: Trust,
    ii. Yellow: Creativity,
    iii. Green: Growth,
    iv. Light Teal: Wisdom
  28. Packaging:
  29. User interface (UI)/User experience (UX) of the          website
  30. Slides in Web lessons
  31. Excel spreadsheets
  32. Services
  33. millions of learning centres
  34. Phone support.
  35. Email support.
  36. Office support.
  37. Warranties
  38. Exams and assignments
  39. Gives you working permit on graduation
  40. Price:
  41. Price strategy
  42. Pay as you go is both Zero and X payment payable.
  43. Pricing
  44. Zero up to X payment payable.
  45. Allowances
  46. None, not applicable.
  47. Discounts
  48. None, not applicable.
  49. Payment terms
  50. None, not applicable.
  51. Place:
  52. Channels
  53. Learning centres
  54. Internet
  55. TV
  56. Facebook TV
  57. Radio
  58. Market Coverage
  59. Age 18+
  60. For autodidacts
  61. Assortment
  62. Tools
  63. Location
  64. Iceland
  65. Kenya
  66. Inventory
  67. Web lessons
  68. Transport
  69. Busses for the future


Image 2

We refer to this image 2, specifically “People”, “Physical Evidence” and  ” Process.”


  1. People
  2. Customers
  3. People unable to educate themselves through typical schooling
  4. People who are autodidacts and need a working permit
  5. For the most vulnerable
  6. Employees
  7. Skilled employees
  8. Reliable
  9. Trustworthy
  10. At all ages
  11. Social interactions
  12. Mutual respect
  13. Synergy
  14. Good communication skills
  15. Teamwork
  16. Solution based interactions
  17. Curtesy
  18. Honesty
  19. Humbleness
  20. Roles & Scripts
  21. Job descriptions
  22. Infrastructure
  23. Organizational chart
  24. Delegation management
  25. Relationships
  26. Connection network
  27. Manner and behavior
  28. Workplace Respect
  29. Human relationships moderately handled
  30. Golden rule policy
  31. Gender equality
  32. Physical Evidence
  33. Facilities
  34. HQ’s
  35. Learning centers
    2. Equipment
  36. Tools
    3. Uniforms
  37. none
    4. Livery & artefacts
  38. none
    5. Signage
  39. Yes, where applicable.
    6. Symbols
  40. Suss Education Symbol.
  41. Process
  42. Service Design
  43. Employees
  44. Tools
  45. Digital assets
  46. Digital software
  47. Website
  48. Customer
  49. Service
  50. Learning centers
  51. Standardization
  52. 1080p video, 15 bit/s. Mpg4
  53. 1200×1200 images/video for social media. PNG
  54. Script writing
  55. Cloud standardization
  56. Naming files convention
  57. Customization
  58. We try to align our workers.
  59. Encourage people to customize as much as possible
  60. Market research for what Web lesson has the most need for
  61. Operation efficiency
  62. Correct film production pipelines
  63. Script
  64. Translation

iii. Review

  1. Audio
  2. Filming
  3. Editing
  4. Publishing pipeline
  5. Website
  6. Advertisement

iii. Publishing out



Suss Education will also use a distribution system which is combined of a smart-tv and laptop/tower which will put into each classroom in the Learning Centres. By offering this Suss Education can show its Web lessons on the screens.


3.3.1 Sales Plan


The smart business idea is to start with 5 locations and find out how the theory works in the Learning Centres. After that experience Suss Education collects the data and on those informations. It can decide with certain accuarancy how to handle the Markering and Sales for the future. The issue is a need for some experience and knowledge to base further actions on and the theory is working according to expections.

Suss Education needs to sell the smart business idea to the locations and test it there. They will give us their facilities and it will sell the idea to both the students and to the locations. They are schools and libraries which offer their classrooms and lecture rooms so the students can attend there and watch the Web lessons on the smart-tv.

Suss Education will make a contract with the locations where they offer their facilities free of charge and it will take care of the cost regarding the TV and the computer in each classroom. In the Learning Centre of Suss Education it will take care of the total cost of operating them. This is a part of the total sales plan for Suss Education. There are two lines the Learning Centres and the classrooms of the locations.

The goal is to open Learning Centres as they will be needed in Kenya/Africa with the urban and rural areas included.

The Marketing and Sales department will need to follow up the distribution system and tackle it.



4.0 Operations

4.1 Locations & Facilities


Suss Education Iceland´s address is: Hrafnholar 8, 111 Reykjavik, Iceland and Suss Education Africa‘s address is: Ngong road Ngando juhudi lane, Nairobi, Kenya.

Suss Education will need more office space in the near future for its activities.


4.2 Technology

     Suss Education uses WordPress and Microsoft Office professional 2016 and NHC to produce its Web lessons. In the future it will use AI, Machine learning and Deep learning, 3D and animations to operate and produce its Web lessons.


4.3 Equipment’s & Tools

Suss Education is going to buy TV sets and Laptops or towers in large quantities. Brand names has not been decided yet.


5.0 Milestones & Metrics

5.1 Milestones

Finish the first version of the website 28.06.2019. It has been accomplished.

It´s ready for promotion and marketing at the date 08.07.2019.

The Smart Business Plan will be ready 04.07.2019 for promotion and introductions.

The funding of Suss Education will be effective from 15.07.2019 to 15.09.2019. That´s it will work heavily on the funding and accomplish its goal for needed amount as seen in the Finance section.

Suss Education will start to archieve advertisements for the website or the Web lessons 15.07.2019 or sooner.

The hiring of an additional staff will be in actions from 15.08.2019 and on.

To finish a row of Web lessons in English, Mathematics and Science before 31.12.2019. each row will keep several Web lessons. The Web lessons project will start as soon as possible or when funding is secure. Then Suss Education is introduction Web lessons or the first in each row.



5.2 Key Metrics

The metrics need to read the row of popularity on each Web lesson and the income from the advertisements connected to it. That‘s also to measure the frequency of clicks of the Web lessons of concern. This means Suss Education can follow the income and estimated the total revenue. This informations will be available from the website by Suss Education‘s software and Google Analytics.


6.0 Company

6.1 Overview

The ownership of Suss Education Iceland ehf. is:


Hrafnkell Tryggvason has 85.5% of the stock.

Hörður Jónasson has 7.5% of the stock.

Hallur Víkingur Þorsteinsson has 7% of the stock.


The ownership of Suss Education Africa Limited is:


Hrafnkell Tryggvason has 89% of the stock.

Maureen Susan okwar has 5% of the stock.

Kenneth okwar has 5% of the stock.

Francis okwar has 1% of the stock.


Both companies are Limited Liability Companies, (LLC).



7.0 Team

7.1 Management team


Hrafnkell Tryggvason, Chairman and CEO and founder of both companies.

Hörður Jónasson, Co-Manager of production for Suss Education Iceland ehf.

Hallur Víkingur Þorsteinsson, Co-Manager of Editing and Filming for Suss Education Iceland ehf.


Maureen Susan okwar, Manager of Communication for Suss Education Africa Limited.

Kenneth okwar, Manager of ICT.


On next few week Suss Education is hiring more people into the gaps which will occur as it scales up. It will need a CEO for Suss Education Africa Limited and workers in the production site and in the editorial commitee. It will need a lot of workers.



Hrafnkell Tryggvason,

Suss Education

Hrafnholar 8, 111 Reykjavik, Iceland

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