Suss Education is an international company which consist of two companies: Suss Education Europe ehf. located in Reykjavik, Iceland and Suss Education Africa Limited located in Nairobi, Kenya. Our purpose is to educate the most vulnerable and others via Web lessons which include teaching, educating and cultural materials online. They are free of charge and in layman’s terms and short and edited. They are available on the website:

Our income model for the Web lessons are as follows: the user goes to the website and picks Web lesson of his interest. The customer supplies Web lesson to the website and the advertiser supplies the commercials. The customer and Suss Education split the revenue of the commercials according to usd 49 per 1000 views.

Regarding for example Finance Education, it can be any subject like Literature or History etc. The user of goods and services of Suss Education in Financial Difficulties has an appointment and gives us his bills over his debts. Financial Status Report is made, and it costs X and then we negotiate for him out of his worries for Y. We count the working hours for this activity or X + Y = Learning Loan. We sell it to an investor. He deposits the net present amount to our bank account and Suss Education charges the risk interest rate involved in continuity. The investor can charge reasonable interest rate to cover his net future value and profit. There can be 36 payments with first three months without an installment and the rest is to 33 months installments plus interest.

The Learning Loan will have the issuer´s guarantee like apartment, car, stocks, etc. If not, he must ask for the third party´s guarantee. Suss Education Africa Limited signs for the MicroLoan too.


Hrafnkell (Kelli) Tryggvason

Suss Education

Mobile: +254 0703 93 75 97 Kenya