Africa is the best choice as a continent to prosper in the Smart future world. She will and can offer phenomenal opportunities for herself and the other parts of the hemisphere in most activities, political, science and, business/economy.

She is great to test various thesis and theories on the spot where they are experienced at the same time they are implemented on the ground of trial. The author has been testing so-called the Consumer Theory for several years. It speaks regarding the following pillars work interactively: the opportunity cost, the frugality, and sustainable finance.

Suss Education’s operation is to educate the most vulnerable and others via Web lessons online free of charge. They are edited, short at length, and in layman’s terms. They are meant for anyone with easy access to the Internet without any religion or political interference and with independency in the matters.

Suss Education is working on some projects like educating the poor and others with financial Web lessons. Financial literacy and Home accounting are financial budgeting and other new Web lessons in simple bookkeeping.

These are the core in the operation and to be explained further in this book.

Africa: One Smart Voice – Table of Contents

Strategy Business plan of Suss Education

Pathway of Web lessons for Suss Education

Pathway of Web lessons for Suss Education

Pathway of Finance Education

The Consumer Theory

Smart School System and Smart Public-school System

The Smart Public-School System

Suss Education Smart School Center

Suss Education´s Project Alfa

Suss Education and Africa and the Shape of the New World

Strategy Business plan of Suss Education


The following writing is based on the SWOT – analysis and is the core of the general Strategy Business plan for Suss Education’s intentions in Africa.


The Opportunities

The opportunities for Africa are of course of a concern for the inhabitants of the continent both now and in the future. What Africa needs first and foremost is nourishing food at the highest quality and reasonable pricing. The pricing and the quality go hand in hand with the rise in the smart economy which is needed urgently in the countries of Africa. The next step is to build up the Education system from almost scratch and import the newest technology and teaching methods both online and manually with an educator. The level of education and teaching methods must be improved fast and to start teaching the educators the newest technology in computer science and other necessary subjects concerning the issue. By educating the public via online Web lessons there is a possibility to educate the masses for less money than using the old or current system. Africa can rise from poverty to riches by investing in education all over the continent. The stagnation and old teaching books will be away in one night by using eBooks online. There is a huge opportunity to do this right now and with the Corona, the virus rises a demand for teaching online enormously in the whole world. It seems to need a disaster to change old habits and methods.

Where the author visited for example the Ministry of Education of Kenya and explained the online school system which names are Smart School System and Smart Public-School System. They were not at all interested in what Suss Education was introducing by using online possibilities for the Education field. They just asked us to leave the scene and do it alone to teach anyone in Kenya on our business terms. That is how it is today Suss Education lacks understanding and the fact is the Kenya economy does not listen to the course of Suss Education.

It hopes sincerely Kenya will listen to our suggestions and the writing of this book is a part of that effort. It has taken the author several visits to Kenya for the past years. He has learned many things and understand the National Soul of Kenya/Africa.  They have their specialties as being a group soul gathering on the corner of the crossroads or meet at a restaurant. Talk for a couple of hours and the results are when to hold the next meeting. When the saying „Less Talk, More Action.”  They should also think in a new way like „Yes. I am not a tree. I can Move!” These are suggestions or guidelines for the people of Africa and especially to Kenya where the author knows more about.

Where Africa has masses of people living on the continent which provides her huge opportunities to do anything huge or big. The manufacturers can produce a lot of goods and services because the masses mean that they can sell low. After all, the demand is such. Thanks, the masses.

The dream is for example to produce a new kind of a smartphone whose name can be Webber. It will be a sandwich of two smartphones with all the newest features at a very low price. This device will give the public the chance to educate via Webber and look at Web lessons for teaching.

Where Africa is poor then it is possible to build it from scratch like the Education systems. Africa can build up its infrastructure and health system and the welfare system. It saves a lot of funds by using the online possibilities for education. The huge opportunity is educating and teaching better skills for new technology and science which are coming around the corner next year via Web lessons concentrating on new skills for the worker. This education will increase productivity for the benefit of all the workers and employers. This will also ease the opportunities for establishing new start-ups in any field.

Science is huge quantities is must need in Africa. It will produce new ideas and implementations. It gives the ground for solid projects and research opportunities for the society as a whole and the public will benefit from these initiatives and innovations done by the power of science.

There are plenty of business opportunities where the continent keeps 25% of resources of the world and can increase its world trade shares 3% +. Lake Victoria is a good sample of the second largest water in the world. It´s overcrowded of fish which is needed for undernourished Africa. When they can have fish on the dish when they choose caught in the water.

They have probably the longest shore any continent has in the hemisphere. That means fishing along the shores and a much of it for the average African and he will be nourished well enough for his lifetime. This means also less decreases because people are eating the right food. The hygienic regarding fishing and the storage of it is a necessary issue of concern. These issues give many opportunities to work on.


The Strength

The Africans are alike and best friends to each other and others too. They are Africans with a beautiful National Soul which will bring them to prosperity in a few decades even years.

That can mean Africa can improve its poverty because it´s poor and then build the continent from scratch out of it. Faster than it has been thought until now. There are little obstacles in the way to riches from being poor. You are poor and can even not go more down than that. Africa built on that theory makes it easier for folks to believe it´s possible to achieve going out of poverty as form a low level in the Education. There is nothing but upside in the fight for eliminating poverty in Africa. There shall be new thinking like the Cleaning out of poverty in Kenya and elsewhere. Kenya and its slums are a good sample for starting this project or job. Slums are not negative and shall not be like that in the minds of people. Establish funds for each slum in Kenya. Start with two locations one in Nairobi where more than 2,5 million people are living in the slum and on the other side Embu county both in Kenya where 40.000 people are living in that slum. Give to start with 20.000 portions of Food and sanitary which increase their life expectations and lessen diseases in the locals. This can be turned into strength for the community. More people will live a good and prosperous life. The economy will increase, and wellbeing and financial status will rise substantially and constantly. This adventure will be a win-win for anyone in the society everyone will benefit, and Africa will stand stronger after and will forever be able to feed herself in the future. By turning weakness into strengths there is a victory for all.

The average age of Africans is 19 years which makes she is very strong in human resources. This young youth is seeking a deep desire for opportunities and strengthen themselves in computer science and business activities in all fields of the meaning of those words. They have the youngest people and freshness to accomplish great missions and new values and engagements. All meant to help the richness and wellbeing of individuals, companies, and institutions over Africa to be great.

Africans can easily accomplish these goals when they stand together and contribute equally to all Africans. The actions to accomplish these which are still great Visions, Missions, and Values. All of them the three pillars make Africa strong. It will be able to speak in “One Smart Voice.” That´s a great strength for the whole of Africa.

As mention earlier Africa can benefit from its size and the large population of 1,2 billion. Which is win-win for the continent. The bigger you are the stronger you can be! The market the demand and the supply are all at stake in the business and science contributions to each sector of concern.

Masses keep the cost of living down and makes lower prices in the market. The storm Africa is going through these decades will be over and she will come out stronger than before. Even many folds when things and the economy is kept in a reasonable status. To keep the inflation down and interest rate low as possible and think constantly of the productivity of goods and services for the continent. Then the prices will keep down supply and demand will dance equally like in a good Tango. This possible to keep on the track when done from the beginning of changing to Africa as One Smart Voice!

By offering thousands of Web lessons from Suss Education both online and manually by lectures it will reach the masses of people with education and teaching methods not available otherwise for the users. This strength is very valuable for Africa and will be a reality in large quantities very soon from Suss Education. This up-lift the life of “We the People” to higher living stands and economic status is stronger and longer lifetime. The strength will increase in Africa and GDP will be focused right for the economic surrounding and environment. Where the left working hours of the women will be adjusted, and more men will also start to work more frequently. The work will be more equal than before where Africa is to build up from scratch in the fullest meaning of that word. She starts to increase her strength right away with a prosperous living method instead of the old method used for the past centuries in the continent. For example, the fishing methods at Lake Victoria and the hand-drawn wagons carrying water and other things by young and strong men and women. No other power except his muscles to drive on the streets of the Slums and even on the main streets in the cities of Kenya.

The strength of their new cars for the economy is questionable. The cars are of the size of big Jeeps like Toyota Land cruiser with dark glasses so no one can see who is traveling in them. They are so many the jeeps and they are in most of the cars on the streets. That means strength is kept in the new cars and the can last longer time because they are stronger than very small cars which are also on the street and last shorter in the traffic. The strength builds on the groundwork of the public which has invested in the car fleet for the heavy load coming along with the Smart World to build up in Africa from the current times. So, when taken seriously by Kenyans they can use this luxury investment for her advancements in the next decades even great things can happen.

The welfare system and hospital institutions are in a total mess all over. Many miles between clinics and hospitals. The author will grasp that issue a little bit later in another chapter.

There is a huge need for Reseach&Department which will independently research and keep data for the Food and sanitary in the country. For example, Ugali who every creature eats with some “Green Stuff” and beef in source with a lot of ties in the meat. It´s sold for the at the market in Nairobi slums after options. Bad food and a to the most vulnerable in people in the slums. This must be changed immediately for the health of inhabitants and lower syndromes accordingly. The R&D department is needed urgently to measure the quality of the food cleanness and fish is a must in the issue. There is a great risk involved in planting and growing plants. There can come diseases suddenly and destroy the harvest in one summer. It´s a great advantage to keep on the serious laboratory of R&D in the Land of Kenya. The laboratory gives the land and people huge strength currently and in the future. All we´ll be happy and the national food security is safer.


The Treats.

One reason for poverty is political and it is a social issue to be solved which threats Africa more than it realizes herself. Africa is poor and with the joined effort by all inhabitants of the continent is possible to solve this issue in a few years when Africa has joined forces to eliminate poverty once and for all. The cleaning of poverty must be planned years ahead at the Government level and people participate in this great plan of Africa. The nations of the world must come to gather as one unit. It is needed to start somewhere in the world fighting poverty on a large scale. The best place in Africa because it is already very poor and needs to operative for the world. Then the world economy will benefit from these efforts of eliminating poverty. It´s easier said and done when said so. But for example, the world was destroyed mostly after WWII. Then came the Marshall plan and the recovery of the world started. All the money injected into the world economy to build it up from scratch. It was meant to rebuild so the economy worked for the world trade and other businesses. When such a project is to be planned for Africa then she will start to live not to survive to the last drop of blood.

That´s how it is today in Africa driving mile after mile and see nothing but small huts along muddy and destroyed roads endlessly. It´s like a safari trip which shall be an ordinary journey. That´s what is at stake for the Africans traveling and this certain13 hours Safari trip is hazardous for the travellers. At the beginning of the 21st Century in Africa, this is not at all tolerable and the world ignores these facts completely. Africa is big it´s possible to adjust it to current living standards and finance. It was done regarding Europe then destroyed and its economy collapsed. All these threats can be very dangerous for the whole world. When we need to rebuild the economy in the world then not forget Africa. She has a treasure of resources and manpower to be used for the good of the world and Africa.

The main issue for her is the lack of funds, money, and education as mentioned before. Pour these pillars in a large quantity into the continent of Africa. It will be a win-win for everybody in the world. The threat is because there are very few start-ups because of this lack.

The continent is very big and therefore widespread over large areas. The rural areas are a large part of Africa and people live with no communication with the world at large. Internet connectivity is not available in big regions. These threats mean no start-up, no business, and no education. Only the housewife economy which will be handle in connection with the dialogue about the Consumer Theory.

The Africans can survive on Ugali a meal material and green stuff picked up from the ground and having small meat with that can keep them alive. But nothing may happen to destroy the plant age or the storage.


Solutions from Suss Education – Web lessons


Web lessons

The pathway of Web lessons in this concern of educating Africa and other countries in the world. They are very crucial for lifting the economy and increase business and finance and economy issues. They are the core of the uplifting of the economy and business and education. Social affairs will be more controlled. They are offered free of charge and are edited and short at length in layman´s terms. They are accessible on the Internet for anyone without any religion, political options and independency is honoured.

The future of Web lessons is great and will change how people live today and in the future. Some John Johnson living in Reykjavik, Iceland is in town and he wants to study in his spare time whatever the subject is.  He´s just interested to be more educated and get a better life for himself and his family. His children want also to learn more than the current school system offers.

The various Web lessons make it possible for them to study at home or anywhere where they can access the Internet. The idea of the creation of them can be and will be disruptive for the world. They will be a tangible asset that can be used as collateral for loans. They will show as valuable assets in the Balance sheet and increase the value of the company at its spot valuation.

Where Web lessons will be valuable as a tool to advertise commercials, which are connected to the subject of its content. More popular Web lessons then higher the price of the commercials and more revenue. This pathway will be the main course of income for the company of concern. Popular Web lessons will influence people all over the world and be effective in the phase of educating the world.

COVID 19 is changing everything in the world already since this phenome started. People need their education right away and demand is started for Web lessons. By offering them commercials possibility then it´s possible to offer them free of charge. The customer supplies the Web lessons which can be produced by any company, institution, and individuals.

By offering the Web lessons on the Internet and free of charge. Then anybody men or women can access them and there is no inequality going around in case of studying each Web lesson. This opportunity can offer much change in social affairs, wages, and an economy where women have an equal chance to educate themselves.

The world is changing now and very fast and inequality will decrease much faster than expected before. The knowledge will be accessible completely free but edited and for example, the woman can study. Just use the time available for learning. The main issue is the spare time of women in Africa is limited and can affect this approach, to begin with on the field.

But the conclusion of this can be anybody can use Web lessons small or big, young, and old and rich and poor. This possibility gives the world a future chance to improve and get rid of inequality not in many years but the next decades.

The small farmers are huge numbers in the economy of Africa and most of them women. By the way, to educate them via Web lessons they get equal access to them and they can learn how to farm. And become a better farmer and produce more goods more productively.

Through the websites, it is possible to have selling pages and offer various kinds of goods and products. Like teaching tools and all kinds of software to teach the users and the educators to learn more about teaching methods and other things concerning education. This way of the offering will be solvable for the users and the educators and speed up the education process of learning online.


Finance Education the Pathway:


Finance Education

By talking about Financial difficulties then the discussion concerns Finance Education. When the case of someone’s Financial difficulties is analysed and solved. Then using methods of Finance Education as a part of the solution like budgeting and financial analysis as in general business. It´s possible to start to use economic and business solutions on the case as it was a company.

Though the case is regarding an ordinary household’s income and expenditure. The solution is to operate the household as a company. It has a lot of similarities to running it. It has properties as an apartment and a car and other equities. The household must get food and other necessities for the home. There are income and expenditures to keep track of and by using budgeting and bookkeeping. They are accessible for example on the website free of charge.

In the case of financial difficulties, there is a certain pathway to go through to try to solve the issue. The first is to gather information regarding the issue and analyse the debt and the income package. How much is in default and what is left of the debt without the default. Which is its status regarding the reinforcement of the case? Where is its jurisdiction etc? Then the financial adviser has a Financial overview of the case and its possible to develop a financial plan of the case. At this point, the solution can be reached for debtor and he decides then to continue and start to negotiate regarding and adjust the budget to those negotiations. It is also possible for the debtor that the company of concern handle payments and arrange for the best places to put them into each debt. There is a must to pick out the debts which are most urgent to pay to survive and have a possibility to withstand the debt crisis.

The debtor can be offered a Learning loan to cover the work of the company to arrange the Financial overview and the negotiation and the work regarding payments in some cases.

All this work is included in Finance Education and the company educates John Johnson in his case of debt to be sustainable in his finance. He starts to notice he has more money in his pocket than before and does not need to take any new loans to survive. The financial disaster is over, and his financial status is must better than before. He uses the tools to recover from debts and in his financial life in the future.


The Consumer Theory.


Let suppose the subject is regarding an individual who is thinking about Financial literacy in layman’s terms. He lives alone and can choose between living in the least apartment or his own and has minimum salary because of his sickness from the government which is the only choice offered. And must let ends meet accordingly. In this instance is the period one month and due to these sicknesses, this what is on the plate. Before his sicknesses, there was an ordinary salary offered but that was sometimes difficult to let ends meet.

There were sicknesses before in his life, but his living standard was higher than he was facing now. At these crossroads is a must to revise the finance from scratch and the income was not enough and these problems were occurring in his economy. It is needed to look at finance like a company’s operation or a household operation. And most of the rules and formulas from business and economy fit with the household’s finance of concern. Why not start to use these methods and adjust them to household operations.

By looking to theories of business and economy laws and rules. The necessary thing to start with was to create an accounting diary regarding everyday expenditure and income. It was necessary to get a piece of paper and start writing down the figures for daily expenditure.

After the routine bills had been paid after the period it´s necessary to calculate what was left and then divide that figure with 30 days. It was possible to see then what figure is for each day. By doing this it is possible to see limits and the average figure to spend each day. When spending is above the average figure it is necessary to spend less next day, etc.

It is very possible to do this calculation on an excel sheet both for bookkeeping and budgeting.  For example, at the website: to look at Web lessons Financial literacy in layman’s terms and budgeting and simple home accounting both in layman´s terms.

To be literate in finance and what’s financial literacy in layman’s terms.

To be literate in finance is something that is not so easy, but the mission is to keep it as simple as possible. It is aimed to be sustainable in its finance and develop simple budgets for the household. Overview over the terms and rules which will be analysed or as follows: The Opportunity cost, the Frugality, and Sustainable finance. And how these pillars work together to lessen poverty.


What is economic and/or a severe shortage or poverty?

Sorry to say then a huge share of people living on the Earth lives with an economic and/or a severe shortage or poverty. This is a fact and the goal must be clean it of the surface of the earth once and for all. To put our maximum strength into our efforts so there will be that way in the nearest future. This book is a contribution to those discussions which continue all over the world today. The goals of the United Nations regarding Sustainability, Climate Change, and Education, etc. That is possible to reach an archive and can be a reality when many hands join as one hand in cooperation.

To completely join all the forces both the rich and the poor. It is not at all an unrealistic issue. It is for the benefit that poverty will not exist on this Earth: “Think for benefit of Humankind and Mother Earth” is a noble goal and most must come together and join in that plan. The issue is a huge project and touches all living creatures today.

The disaster in the issue of poverty which can be seen everywhere in the slums is completely unsatisfied with all the concerns. It is possible to control and steer the capital of the rich to the poor. The capital will multiply itself many times invested in the poor and clean out the poverty. Each dollar put into the economy of the poor leads to a more prosperous life and increases the value of life both financially and economically and socially.

It´s possible to steer the capital into producing Web lessons, Premium lessons, and Personal Premium lessons to increase the education level of each region. It´s in better ways by these tools to adjust the buying behaviour of the poor and teach them to merchandise accordingly.

Sustainability and Climate Change and Education can be partly solved through these tools by educating people regarding buying behaviour or the choice of buying something, the decision about what to buy, and lastly the implementation of its daily buying behaviour.

The following comparations explain better how-to live-in poverty and then to avoid some actions:

  1. To be able to eat healthy food is a must fundamental in each man’s life. It must be possible to eat it at a reasonable price on it must be sustainable for the user. By having it this way and concentrate on nourishment and better and healthier food. It will lead to much healthier living standards and a decrease in sicknesses in the slums. This leads to less possibility of an infection to the richer area of the regions who live with healthier nourishment in their daily consumption.

By producing the food by sustainable methods is possible to decrease the use of power for all living creators in the Earth. Using the power from fossils, etc. the price of producing food increases, and more gas emissions are poured into the atmosphere with indirect cost accordingly on the supply on the dish.

The dish of food shall be divided into three pieces or protein, sugar, and fat, and try to split them equally between portions. The fact is that it is not needed to eat so much fat and protein as was assumed before or only 150 – 200 grams of each. By eating less then there is a decrease in the power consumption per capita to cook it and to manufacture the food. Everybody is this pot and shall aim to save the consumption of the goods and services.  By using less of goods and services then less funding is needed. It shall be possible to change the buying behaviour when there is a will to accomplish it by anyone.  The difference which creates then establishes an indirect saving which increases the capital even more.

There are 3 economic grades in Kenya. One in the slums living on 2 USD per day and must adjust all its cost accordingly to that income. The people in the slums try to survive on this low income and around there is an offer for leftovers of meats from the rich. The lowest meat available and the taste is awful at least to say. The meat is full of thighs that need good teeth to swallow and they are not available in the area among the inhabitants of the slum. The price is not better than you can get in a supermarket. That is not a good deal for the slummier. It is cold during the night and people need nourishment a good one to keep them warm. The market is a part of their economy and what they can afford to let themselves enjoy for dinner. Throwing these second-hand meats to the slum. And get for it the highest price and the slummier does not have another alternative than buying this stuff and less than the lowest class, sorry to inform. They can easily start to be sick of this inefficient food which is offered on their dishes.

  1. All are born naked and need then clothes to keep heat and dress differently where they live on the Earth. The expenditure on these items is therefore different according to where everyone is living. It is a need to change clothes and according to different events in life. For example, it is a need for a school union and that lessens the competition how you are dressed. It is possible to save and be wiser in purchasing clothes. By that people are saving power to produce more clothes which are only used in a few instances. Talking about second-hand products can pay up in the end but there are dangers regarding the clothes that can bring diseases and infect the buyer of second-hand clothes. Shoes are needed in cold and muddy areas and that cost more money than in dryer regions where it is possible to be more sustainable and save energy. It is many ways to be more sustainable the own finance can be much better. When thought in that way.
  2. By offering Premium and personal lessons are meant to increase people’s possibility to achieve education at a charge. When Web lessons online are free of charge. Because of the consequences of the Covid-19, there is a rising demand for online services and what the author has been stating in the last few years. People can stay where they are each time and study its subject from its device anytime by using online education possibilities. It means that fewer will be having financial literacy and can study any subject of interest for example the Web lesson Financial literacy in layman’s terms from Suss Education.

It is very well possible to reach much more need, people who need education urgently and at a low price through Web lessons. The poor will be able to educate themselves free of charge and get a Learning loan to cover the cost of sitting in Premium and Personal lessons. They can learn to be educated in how to let ends meet and increase their sustainability in continuity. Both online and manually education. Most people have dreams in their life and want to see them go through sometimes in their life. By using these methods available then they have tools where the Web lessons are. They can learn how to spend their money and let us end meet over the period in this usually one month.

“Education is Power” and the one who lives with an increased education is much better off than the one who has a shortage of it. The one who adjust to new methods in his finance and changes his buying behaviour for good. But this change does not happen overnight. It can take a long time to align with these changes and thoughts, but it is possible to start new thinking and use new methods to get the results even better. This talk is aimed at constantly getting better results in education and get to a higher level in it. By looking at the finance and living standards and start a new style of life is a well-done approach to receive a better life and a more profitable life.

  1. The possibility to fetch information be able to implement it is the education. By using, for example, the Personal and Premium lessons and online Web lessons. I t’s also possible to study more than only one concept or subject. In this instance, Finance is used as a sample for all other issues like Mathematics and English, etc.

By offering Web lessons in Financial literacy in layman’s terms on then the base is grounded for a more sustainable life. There the user can get more information regarding their financial status in life. He starts to see lessons as a part of a comprehensive solution in the financial field. He understands the connections between bookkeeping and budgeting and how to make budgeting for 6 months ahead by getting this information from the Web lessons. To inform the user then he is receiving the education needed in this case.

  1. The housing issue is a great matter. Everybody needs shelter or a house over his head. The luxury of the construction is different from country or region but need to offer security and permanent placement. That is the demand of people. It must be at a reasonable price and fit the individual for staying there for him alone or family. It is sustainable not to live in not a big house or apartment. Where all the cost regarding living in a permanent place depends on size, quality, and placement.

In Africa, there are huts in which building materials are mud and wood and straw. Inside is it like there is a cooler working and the heat is not as it is outside. When the construction begins seriously in Africa it is a must to get that cooling effect so people can live by in a comfortable situation inside their premises. The taxation on the properties mostly depends on how it is built. The mortgage and instalments shall be to 40 years when new and old housing is on the market. Not give it away but have the payment arrangement according to the utmost payment possibility of the poor or fit it to their financial capabilities. The user must consider the size of the placement regarding the cost of power to cool it or heat it. Therefore, in Africa where the masses need somewhere to live, and the cooling and heating issue is a huge matter, and consideration regarding ways of construction is critical.

  1. Regarding entertainment and hobbies and sports then the African economy is in its start holes. There is a great business opportunity for these issues. It cost money to do most of them, but some can be done for free. Walking like most of the Africans seems to do a lot of is a good sample of free sport and they accomplish on the Olympics regarding running sport. It is necessary to care very much at these three issues. There is big business in the movie and video or the virtual field for Africa.

There will be a great opportunity for producing Web lessons all over and to fulfil the education gap in Africa. There will be a balance between entertainment and education. People will use their spare time and waste their time on both issues. In short, there is a lot of business opportunities.

Hobbies will nothing but increase on the continent and elsewhere too. People will do various things in their hobbies. Some are good in horses another in jumping and it is possible to foresee that people will want to produce Web lessons regarding its hobby. And the distribution of the knowledge will go around.

The main thing can and will be to look for sustainability issues in these pillars. They help in keeping the environment clean and healthy and the Climate Change issue will be better tackled and presenting the Web lessons regarding better handling of pollutions matters will be more effective and contribute to a better environment for the present generation and future generations.

  1. What is it to have some social life? It is simply to gather with other people one or more or to be alone in his mind with some higher power. It cost some money and is not common therefore among the less rich. But according to African standards then they get together for a chat few together or many. That is very important to keep this culture among them and the present and future computer science will not change that behaviour. It is a must to accompany the social life otherwise you can have problems with your mind for the long run of isolation. Some strange attitudes and behaviour start to occur quickly.

The social life gives the persons more peace of mind and life fulfilment. The purpose to implement more projects increases with encouragement from social life.

  1. African- Culture shall not be forgotten both within Africa itself and its influence outside its borders. Music, paintings, sculptures, theatres, and movies. The ancient art and the wide world knowledge of it are famous. They have a special look and the handcraft is a marvellous work. Like a vase made of aluminium the material is around itself and shines to the watcher as a small masterpiece were things are in total harmony. They are famous for their Blues origin in music where they have an advantage in that kind of music and dance. They are very good at dancing and all movements are as natural and they are very flexible in them and it is wonderful to watch both the new dancing and as well as the old native ones.

They are also very good at all kinds of sculptures their making is absolutely at the highest quality and beautiful to watch. Their paintings are extraordinary for their culture and bring their reputation all over the world and they can look at them as their pride in any meaning of that word. By looking at their paintings then it is shown and proofed at once this is form, Africa.

The movie industry is starting but needs to improve itself and is simulated in the Indian movie industry. They are building it up in Nigeria and there is a huge business opportunity in this field in the future both for movies in full length and videos. By producing Web lessons both in Nigeria and other counties in Africa will create a lot of jobs for other productions. This movie production field is of great importance for Suss Education because she will produce a lot of Web lessons for her users. They will need all kinds of workers to be able to produce Web lessons. From a carpenter to a computer specialist to create one. The digital revolutions are crucial in this production where all filming and other work is based on this technology. By using this technology, the production cost goes very much down, and it is possible to keep Web lessons very simple and in layman’s terms. Streaming and other technical issues are solved for a while. Suss Education has already produced 32 Web lessons when this is written.

  1. In connection with medicine and doctor’s services, people are having difficulties using these services due to the high cost of the goods and products. The lack of medicine and the services from the doctors and hospitals although they need very much. It is very pity to know the situations are like that for many people in Africa and the world. The health system in Africa needs to build up from scratch brick by brick. There are many kilometres between the clinics and the hospitals where people need to travel long distances to attend these institutions for medical assistance. For the sustainable economy then it is very profitable not to be sick and need care from clinics and hospitals. While people do not have any financial medical insurance for their sicknesses then they must use their savings or temporary funds to pay for the hospitalization and the money goes away very quickly and they are left broke or almost bankrupt. It depends on the sickness they are carrying each time. There is a good investment for the society to have an insurance fund nationally or for each region. By this fund, individuals can pay for medical help. The Medicine fund will also pay for medicine and other services like x-ray, etc. The Government will collect the cost by taking taxes from companies and individuals.

Well-being will increase and the aftermath of sicknesses will decrease by offering the Medical fund to cover the cost of sicknesses. It can be said that every Kenyan shilling spent and invested in the Medical fund is very much so an excellent investment from all points of view. It will be expected that the most vulnerable and others have enough funds to cover the cost of medical care. Where the medical help is not free or paid by a Medical fund then the individual does not have enough money to pay the medicine and doctors and hospitalization. They suffer and society also and it is not a win-win situation for nobody. This issue must be fixed immediately, and it is not so complicated to implement it. It can be done in some steps to issue taxes for the cost of the Medical fund. The bottom line is that the burden which the society is carrying is much more the people’s weight.

After reading these points and the individual is carrying 3 out of them then he is in deep poverty. By living in deep poverty, the lack of the treasures of the world is a desperately miss for each in that situation. Bad place to stay in.

Physical and mental and spiritual wellness is in jeopardy for the individual at least to say. His social and communication system is very low, and the inclusion is much too high. The individual cannot practice hobbies. They are too costly, and he does have the initiative to go to the places. The personal situation of the individual is difficult and in no man’s land with thoughts and financial difficulties. Lack of good nourishment and people are not proud of their clothes, etc. It may be mentioned that Africans wear nice clothes in general and put their efforts in being well dressed. Although their life does not offer them the same nice housing. It is a pity and must be fixed.


What is Financial literacy?

Most people have had some financial difficulties sometime in their life regarding their finance.  To be able to get out of them then it is realized that new and better ways are necessary to let ends meet over one period or one month. It can be though and complicated project. Every bit of energy is needed into the job of concern. The first reaction is to delay the fact there is defaults adding up and the debts just increase. It is a kind of circle of postponements. Anxiety and depression occur when people realize their financial status is getting worse.

Some reach to the relatives for help or assistance but they need to be familiar with the subject and have knownledge to handle the case. Otherwise the issue will be bigger and bigger and more difficult to solve later. Therefore, it is most important to a seek special knownledge or financial advisors. Admit the issue is becoming a very serious matter and solutions must be found. Some people can solve its issue but most of them do not know how to do it. The best suggestion is to get education from a financial education institution. Where they can seek education in this subject to avoid further financial difficulties. The basic thing is to educate people in the finance and the economy will benefit, and it is a win-win for the community.

The issue is to realize that people do not go into financial difficulies just like that. Most of them can go there because of disaster and pandemic and sickness and unployment and many other resones can make them broke for awhile or bankrupt. People need to restart with new methods and learn and be educated in finance as the primary components of recovery in financial dificulties. After  admitting they lack new methods to handle the finance of their households. Usually the best thing to do is to restart and align and adjust them, because the old methods have not worked. People learn from former difficulties and learn new methods which lead them to study sustainable finance and the financial life will certainly be must better. Sustainable finance is a part of the Consumer theory which will explained further.

Financial worries because of financial difficulties can lead to various instances like anxiety, sleeplessness, lack of concentration, depression, and suicide and other social affairs. All these just because the seriousness of the issue is high, and hopelessness is great. By the education of people these components can decrease a lot.

This circle in finance the increase in debts and defaults is possible to avoid by using sustainble finance and financial advisors. And practise in their own finance and have more overlook over them and do it daily by using budgets or financial plans. They can be for one month six months or one year. Update them regularly and for example go to where it is possible to get Web lessons and templates to study these issues. These Web lessons can lead to be very good in finance and get some profit out of the household operation which only in the base business. All these activities lead to a better financial status.

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