Africa will have all the facilities to shape the New Smart World. What can be said, the world has a whole continent where it’s possible to start from scratch. The positive thing about the poverty in Africa will be its benefit of shaping a totally new landscape of technology and other advancements for her. The figures Africa have 25% of the resources and 3% of trade is a paradox Africans and the world is to solve

For example, Africa can use the laws and regulations from EU build in  1956 develop  and support itself .

The basic structure will be based on the business, politics and science. Where Africa creates African Integrated Union (AIU) based on these three issues. She will be controlled by a chairman and a co-chairman chosen for 8 years and can be extended for another term. They can have any nationality and are elected by general elections in Africa. There  is CEO and co-CEO chosen from  any country  in the world for 4 years. He must be able to handle  the job with excellency and be very well fitted. We have a board of directors chosen as fitted from the society and from the members of the Parliament who were elected . These guys must be capable of directing each ministry according to their experience and knowledge. The CEO is chairman of Africa and has a veto authority to any issue. He handles the foreign affairs as well other issues of concern. The chairman and the Parliament gives the CEO and the board of directors the guidelines to work accordingly. Both the CEO and the Parliament has veto authorities against any issue though by certain of votes. The veto of the chairman is more valid. He is responsible for all activities of AIU and needs to act accordingly. When things go out of hand then an independent committee selects the right to decide the fate of the chair. The chairman can fire the CEO  if his is not performing . Along with the board of directors AIU has an advisory board combined of experienced men and women from all  walks  of life. It has the authority to give a comment for any issue of concern.

The Parliament is chosen in each 57 regions of 2 members form each. Total 114 members where the chairman is in the odd position elected separately. Other things as usual like the county assemblies and governor or co-governor. But each region will have the same control structure as AIU.

The military of Africa has three divisions’ army, marine and air force. Each region has its military. By a joint effort by the nations of the world they can manufacture military equipment according to its affordability. Where the newest technology and science is used to produce powerful tools enough to protect Africa and her people. The Chairman of AIU is Chief of staff for any major action in war and in the case of disaster. The police is used for general protection of the citizen as a second level of protection.  .The navy, coast guard and space forces can be added later, please.

The infrastructure needs to be built up from scratch and countries good at that like Russia and China can take care of that initiative. To construct Highways triple line in both directions with airport possibility on them.  They will lay along the continent and also crossing her so anyone can go in any direction he chooses. They will be built separately that’s not necessary constructed by the side of the old ones as having the straightest line in mind.

The harbours need to be constructed for international shipping traffic like the Mombasa’s for import and export to India, China and the USA for the Indian Ocean. And in Lagos, Nigeria for the Atlantic Ocean, for USA and Europe.

The international airports must be constructed for the increased traffic and the speed in the Smart World and function as a border. We do not need any actual borders. They need to be for taxing reasons where we have a region within its limits to pay the local tax of his own will. There will be a tax for AIU. One flat tax on any goods and services and wages where certain percentage will go to AIU’s Government and another to local Governments.

Africa needs to build up a new mental and physical methods to be able to accomplish her vision, mission and values. The time and speed is the main issues in the shape of the New Smart World. By new technology and sciences and new business and financial tools. Africa can create a society of wellbeing and financial status of par excellence for the present and future generations. The poorness as known today will disappear of the Earth with a joint effort of all nations. There will always be poor but in another meaning of that word today.

Africa will respect Democracy, and any believe and faith of the People. She honour, there will be no inequality, gender equality is followed in any meaning of those words. Person´s sex tendency looked as a genetic issue not as their sexual behaviour. Africa’s goal and mission shall be to uplift any of its members to higher education via online teaching and combination of class’ lectures when needed by the student. By that approach Africa can save a lot of money for construction of school buildings and use the funds for other activities.

Africa can build up and construct canters all over and offer education, health care, financial consultancy, social affairs consultancy and agriculture consultancy at their premises for a very low price. While the online services is free of charge for the user.

The other continents can export a lot of their goods and products to building up the Smart Africa. The Titans can export their specialties to Africa and speed up the building phase accordingly. When the Titans, billionaires, millionaires, and the People can accomplish miracles together. The average age in Africa is just under 20 years. So, this generation is seeking the newest technology in science and computer technology. The advantage of Africa today they carry a lot of smartphones and other computer devices. The Internet is improving very fast and will soon be affordable and accessible for anyone.

To have as a core policy to fulfil anybody with enough nourishment as a primary goal.  Africa can start to educate the masses with online education on a large scale and to educate the populations of the world generally with financial tools so they can fit in the Smart World both educationally and financially.

The finance will change completely where people will be able to trace their expenditure and the price development of their properties in one click in the computer device. The buying habits will change completely and help the Earth to survive better in the turbulence of human activities.

The economy will improve very much and be sustainable and Sustainability and the opportunity cost and frugality will be more considered in the Smart world’s activity. There will much increase in job creations based on necessity of new constructions and new computer science as a quantum and new technology in all fields. All kinds of manual and service jobs will be in demand in the Smart World.

The finance and the economy needs a new currency for Africa. A currency for AIU as one unit. Then the currency can serve in world economy as one strong voice and create a more positive balance in world trade activities.

In conclusion: We the people need to look at the smart future of Africa where it will lead the change in the Smart World in the most meaningful of those words. She has most abilities to be chosen the One to start the Smart World and she has a huge responsibility to fulfil the expectations the Smart World carries to her.

Hrafnkell Tryggvason

Founder of Suss Education

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