Who are we?

Suss Education is an international company which consist by Suss Education Iceland ehf. and Suss Education Africa Limited offering Web lessons online for free to the most vulnerable and others in the society. They include teaching and educational and cultural subjects in layman’s term. They are short. In the beginning it will start with Financial literacy and, Home accounting in layman’s term regarding the Web lessons. They will be very easy to approach and gives anybody the chance to learn any subject at his choice now and in the future.

The wisest and most important opportunity lays in bringing the newest technology Suss Education can get hold of each time into the Smart School System and the Smart Public-School System. What’s that? They use the online technology and computer science and technology to teach, educate and offer culture to the public for free. They will offer the Web lessons in institutions named Suss Education Smart Centers. Where people can visit and get the educators to educate any of the subject of concern. The Government and the Private school sector can use their Web lessons for teaching their students online. Their curriculum can be aligned to this circumstance of the education approaches.

The opportunity of Suss Education is to produce Web lessons, courses and teaching material for the Smart School System and the Smart Public-School System, and they will get them free of charge anytime for anyone. The Smart School System will be tested as a trial in several location/schools in Kenya to begin with and replicated all over Kenya/Nigeria/Africa when approved by participants of the project.

The expectations are to give more students, the public and the most vulnerable easier access to knowledge and the possibility to study free and not bound by their location. When they get the Web lessons (courses) and teaching material free of charge, it will not exclude anyone from studying in the Smart School System and Smart Public-School System.

The by-product from the Smart School System is more wellness, financial security, freedom and democracy. The public will be more educated and informed. It gives the society the chance to empower both women and men for higher achievements and fulfil their goals for a better world.

Suss Education is offering two levels of education the online Web lessons free of charge and the Premium Web lessons which consists of both online and persona education interaction.

Suss Education offers the Premium Web lessons and to pay the cost of them then it’s possible to offer Learning Loans for the cost of the Premium Web lessons. They can be with 36 instalments plus a general interest rate.

Reykjavík, 13.02.2020
Hrafnkell Tryggvason

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The team:
Hrafnkell Tryggvason, Chairman of both companies and CEO of Suss Education Europe ehf and founder of both companies.
Hörður Jónasson, Co-Manager of production for Suss Education Europe ehf.
Computers & Data Ltd. Information technology.

Suss Education Europe ehf.
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Suss Education Africa Limited
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  • Our mission is to deliver an Education to you free of charge.
  • Our vision is to see everyone educated at the public level.
  • Our value is to engage you into your favourite subject.